Engineering Manager in London

Employer: Attest

Location: London

Type: Full Time

We’re on the look-out for a seasoned Engineering Manager to lead and empower our team of creative engineers in identifying and delivering features, systems and products they’re proud of. As our first Engineering Manager, this is a greenfield opportunity that will see you having immediate impact from day one. You’ll be trusted to:

Attract top engineering talent. You’ll play an integral part in hiring Attest’s engineers by actively sourcing (either via channels such as LinkedIn, relevant events/ meet-ups etc), interviewing, and assessing high-quality candidates for exemplary technical chops, culture-add, potential, and emergent leadership traits.

Develop our engineers. We’ll support you in enabling our team of engineers to deliver their greatest work to date by designing meaningful work that encourages personal and professional growth. You’ll do this by mentoring and coaching them during regular 1:1s, as well as performance and development conversations; embedding continual feedback loops for not only course-correction but praise and acknowledgement.

Lead our engineering team. You’ll dutifully galvanise the engineering team by communicating a clear, exciting mission and purpose that we’re all aligned on. You’ll work closely with our Technology Director to help shape Attest’s engineering strategy, and translate that to the wider engineering team through context and scene-setting; enabling them to autonomously collaborate on finding solutions.

You’ll enable our engineers to ship high-value, high-quality features regularly by acting as a conduit for information by working cross-functionally across departments: always aware of relevant activities in other teams; attending product reviews etc. All the while, you’ll be thinking ahead to ensure we are appropriately structured and adequately resourced to achieve our plans in the near, medium and longer terms.

Retain members of our engineering team. You’ll play an integral part in driving a high-performing engineering team by ensuring the its members are engaged in the work they produce and feel their contribution makes a genuine difference not just to the company but our users.

Culture advocate. You’ll be trusted to enable the team to identify and solve unique problems. To do this, we need your help in building upon our culture of psychological safety, trust, experimentation, and innovation.

Who you are

  • A people person with an engineering background with a passion for working with and developing engineers at different stages of their profession career;
  • An individual with an incredibly high level of EQ – you’ll be fascinated with learning about people on an ongoing basis. Your role will require you to express compassion and empathy and understanding, as well as work effectively with individuals of varying seniority levels, backgrounds and experiences;
  • Approachable and accessible to all members of the team - a trusted confidant, great listener, and trouble-shooter;
  • An inspiring communicator with an acute ability to know when to appropriately switch from supportive and encouraging to prescriptive;
  • Ability to manage conflict and devise swift resolution;
  • Adaptable – you’ll be comfortable context-switching multiple times, as there’ll be a variety of tasks and activities you’ll need to effectively and efficiently juggle during the day;
  • Enthusiastic about working in a culture of testing and code review;
  • Passionate about technology, and excited about being hands-on where necessary, but highly motivated about bringing out the best in our engineers by coaching and mentoring them.


  • Experienced building user-centric digital products, with an awareness of complex user interfaces development, distributed systems and technologies across our stack: Java / Go / TypeScript / Node / SQL (Postgres) / AWS
  • You will have proven leadership skills, with experience line managing a high-performing team
  • Commercial acumen – being able to understand the market and our users as well as the commercial implications and impact our products have on their lives

What we’ll offer in return

  • A competitive salary that fairly recognises your experience and potential
  • An equipment budget to spend on the right tools to help you do your best work 25 days paid holiday – we care about our team’s wellbeing, so getting enough rest to recharge is vital
  • Flexible working hours and working from home
  • £900 Growth & Development budget to spend on the resources and tools that will help you grow in your role
  • 10% adventure time to invest in charitable things, or side projects for Attest
  • A values-led working environment that encourages putting people first, honesty, curiosity and leadership

About our people and culture

With our team, we take a human-first approach, optimising for joy and adventure (ingrained in everything we do).

We’re a very flat, friendly, non-hierarchical team. You’ll be working with an experienced commercial and technical team that delivers and adapts the Attest platform to continuously evolve and delight every client and every user.

We value putting people (our team, clients and consumers) first; honesty, curiosity, empowerment and leadership are core to our team working style. Decisions are made with careful and quick consideration at Attest, to support fast and efficient growth. You can learn more about Attest on our website.

About Attest

Great companies put consumers and data at the heart of every decision. Attest makes that simple and open for anyone at every business, continuously, at global scale.

We call it Scalable Intelligence. Through our platform, hundreds of companies of all sizes connect to networks of 100 million consumers across 80 different countries, to learn, grow and innovate better every day.

Clients like Unilever, Fever-Tree, EE, Publicis and Twitter rely on Attest to learn more about their consumers, markets and competitors. They use Attest to develop new products, test creatives, measure their brand, gain real-time feedback on trends and make better decisions, faster.

We’re backed by leading VCs, including Oxford Capital and Episode 1 (investors behind LoveFilm, Zoopla, Betfair, Shazam, CarWow and many other greats), plus several high-powered amazing Angel investors.