Super Awesome C# Engineer, All Around Hustler in Denver, CO

Employer: ToolWatch

Location: Denver, CO

Type: Full Time

ToolWatch is the leader in tool and equipment tracking for the construction industry. We help our customers build real things in the real world (y'know, like bridges, buildings, and roads), at over 200,000 job sites around the world. We're looking for a highly motivated engineer to join our team and help us build awesome products.

At ToolWatch you'll get to work on software that is challenging because it has to be correct from a business rules standpoint (this isn't just yet another MVC app), but it also has to perform at enough scale that those n^2 algorithms won't cut it (CQRS and binary trees, anyone?). We run a lean process, and ship all the time with minimal ceremony (we use pull requests and build automation).


  • 3+ years experience working on the backend of a C# application at scale
  • Experience with OOP and complex domain models
  • Experience with Git and GitHub
  • Strong SQL and general database knowledge
  • A background in refactoring large-ish systems
  • Solid knowledge of testing principles
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience with docker, android, and iOS are a bonus
  • And most importantly, a can-do, optimistic, energetic attitude


We're a small team of doers, so your responsibilities will be to do whatever it takes to deliver value to our customers. Mostly this means you'll be working on building out our platform services in C#. But it also might include building iOS and Android apps using Xamarin, automating our infrastructure, or building out a data warehouse.

And, of course, your responsiblities will include all of the usual things:

  • Writing and reviewing application code (and tests!)
  • Working with the product owner to understand the customers' needs
  • Documenting the systems you help build
  • Working with support to triage and debug technical support requests

Why you should join

We believe we're in the "Goldilocks zone" in terms of company size. We're about 20 people, which seems to be just the right size to get a lot done, but not so large that we have any politics or inertia getting in our way. We also have 1000s of customers that pay us real money so we get great feedback on what we build.

We pay well, we work reasonable hours with people we like, and of course you'll have the best equipment. We expect you'll probably want to be in the office pretty often for the camaraderie, but we care about results more than anything else and so we don't mind at all if you want to be remote on occasion.

We also will support and encourage you to grow your career through open source projects, blogging, and attending or speaking at technical conferences.

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