Web Teaching Assistant Summer Internship (Javascript) in San Francisco, CA

Employer: Horizons

Location: San Francisco, CA

Paid Relocation

Salary: $60k - 90k

We are looking for developers with strong full-stack experience interested in sharing their knowledge in our high school and college summer programs.

A bit about us:

We are building the modern technology university. Our programs break barriers in accessibility while providing unmatched short and long-term ROI.

We run summer programs for college students and a 2 year, tuition free software engineering program for those ready to make the leap.

Our internship program brings in top undergraduate builders into a teaching environment. Horizons is a like a 3 month hackathon, where you are a full-time mentor. You'll work alongside industry veterans (8-20 years of experience), meet talented and entrepreneurial students from across the country and get access to our world class speaker series (VCs, entrepreneurs, engineering leaders and more!).

Our interns not only love their time at Horizons but have gone on to work at places like Google, Uber, Spotify, Bloomberg, Mailchimp and more!


We are looking for an exceptional candidate who loves:

Ideal Applicants:

- Have a demonstrated interest in teaching and helping others learn technical concepts 
- Ability to work in fast-paced, dynamic environments 
- Are energized by working with people! 
- Strong communication skills (verbal and written) 
- Mentoring students as they take your ideas & go to places you could not have imagined 
- Have strong programming fundamentals and are able to learn new things very quickly 
- Experience building web applications, ideally in Javascript (for side projects or professionally)

Role and Responsibilities:

- Engage in 1-1 TAing with students working on javascript web projects 
- Lead small group sessions when students are struggling with technical concepts 
- Act as a team lead on student startup and final project ideas 
- Participate in daily standup meetings 
- Assist in curriculum development

We work with a lot of technologies. For this internship, we are looking for candidates with strong full-stack javascript experience. Here are the technologies we teach:

• JavaScript (up to and including ES2015) 
• Node.js and NPM 
• React, React Native 
• MongoDB 
• Git and GitHub 
• Express with Handlebars templates

Required Skills:

javascript reactjs node.js express

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